School of

purposeful coding

Technology is now a part of any career path you choose. We help you to understand how to use technology and gain the skills you need to become a junior software developer in just 6 months. Our project-based hands-on methodology ensures you learn what industry wants and help you become a master of your chosen trade.

Why Ikigai Dōjō


We use instructors chosen direct from industry so that they are guiding you in the latest in-demand technologies.

2 stacks

We build your confidence with Ruby on Rails and get you up to speed with Javascript the most in-demand stacks on the planet.


We help you build your personal brand, international communication skills and get you attending the right meetups/events to prepare you for our one (1) month internship with a range of local/international employers.

What is a coding bootcamp?

Coding bootcamps started in the USA in 2013 as a way to quickly develop people with no experience into junior software developers within a 6 month timeframe.

By conducting super intense face to face classes 5 days a week for 8 hours a day we are able to immerse you in the language of code and get you fast tracked into the tech industry.

Boot camps combine practical workshops , project builds and basic fundamentals to save you time and get you focussed on the technology platforms being used in the industry today.