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A Selection of our Employment partners

Employer Partners

Become part of our international network of industry employers. We maintain this network to keep abreast of the ongoing changes within the global tech industry and to also closely listen to what skills (both technical and non-technical) are sought after in today's work place.

Our network also provide internships for our students and hire from our talent proof as their needs arise.

Benefits of joining our network include:

  • Giving back to industry and supporting fresh graduates
  • Participating in Academic steering committees
  • Providing mentors to enhance staff professional development
  • Access to alumni pool
  • Invitation to relevant industry events
  • General brand promotion

School Partners

We have strong partnerships with other like minded coding and technology schools in the US, India and Australia. We swap curriculum, projects and exchange successful methodologies to ensure our graduates are well equipped for a truly global career.

Our premium partners include

Mentor Partners

We regularly provide mentors to visit our students in class or via webcams to talk about their experiences and how they navigated their career paths. They generally love talking about the problems they are solving and what technology stacks they are using.

A sample of our mentor network includes

Raman Nambiar

md switchmaven

Jay Fajardo

CEO Proud CLoud

Jordan Hart


Alvin Tolentino


Meraj Faheem

CEO Hacking School